A Prayer to the Trees

A Prayer to the Trees

Bringing Me back to Life

My dearest tree,
 A yearning calls upon me
as my eyes touch your sight
realizing your presence
your beauty.

standing before me
so open wide
embracing the whole world around you,
Kindly with the smoothing touch
of a gentle summer breeze.

At daylight as under the moon shadow
even in the stormy air, through thunder and rain
your loving arms still reaching out
connecting earth, sky, water, sun and moon.

At your mighty trunk
I now lean my burdened soul
as your leaves cover me softly
with a very warm welcome.

There I stand
hardly believing your embrace
and watching myself in deep surprise
becoming rooted
and awakened again.

Thanks my dearest friend
for bringing me back to life.

© 2022 by Abraxandria

Dieses Gedicht ist jedem Baum da draussen gewidmet, ob groß oder klein, ob im vollen Grün oder kahl, ob buschig oder schlank gewachsen.
Mein Dank geht an die wunderbaren Bäume, die uns täglich mit Sauerstoff versorgen, uns damit ein besseres Leben schenken und mein Herz mit Leichtigkeit und Freude füllen.

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